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Not design, but digital experience. Not the message, but the story.
Not clients, but partners. Not websites, but works of art.

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We provide only one service, making websites, but there’s a lot of stuff inside​


ANALYTICS | Searching for deep insights for our clients


BRANDING | Creating outstanding brand identity


COPYRIGHTING | Finding the right words and metaphors


GRAPHICS | Drawing conceptual tailor-made illustrations


MOTION DESIGN | Adding magic through animation


Sailing online

Nevsky forum

Georgia hights


See Petersburg


Cyber Campus


How to fall in love with yachting with the help of the website? The illustrations created by our designers immerse you in the romance of sailing and become a guide to the world of yachting from the first glimpse of a sail to an independent round-the-world voyage.

The largest international conference for civil servants in Russia. Our studio created the event’s identity, brandbook and website. White nights in St. Petersburg, which take place during the conference, were chosen as the design solution.

The website takes the user to the mountains of Georgia.
A feeling of total immersion is created with the help of parallax effects and natural animation.

A website for a game in the narrative quest genre.
Like the game, the website plunges from the first moment into a unique world created by talented artists and game designers.

Excursions to the hidden sights of St. Petersburg with a personal guide sounds intriguing. The website allows you to look at the city from a different angle and attract the attention of users and cause a wow effect through animations and vivid illustrations.

Even metallurgy can be beautiful and mesmerizing. We managed to convey the aesthetics of smelting shops, red-hot metal and steam through mesmerizing animation and special effects

Find yourself in the digital industry.
Our studio has created a website for an educational service offering intensive online courses from leading industry experts who teach how to make money from creative skills

We create a concept and a website for a media platform that sets out to examine the structure of current problems in Russia and imagine the way out.

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We’re nerds

We will meticulously go into every detail of your business until we fall in love with it as much as you

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We’re rebels

We strive to break patterns and stereotypes, through a unconventional approach to branding and web-design


We’re weirdos

Sometimes our vision seems too bold and daring, but that's often the way to start new design trends

Good news

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We’re agile

Deadlines are sacred! So if we can’t get the job done on time, we’ll tell you right away, before we even start

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We’re team players

We will be your allies in the quest for something worthwhile, bold, and truly beautiful

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We’re bad-asses

Making something freaking amazing is more important for us than just making money. But it will cost you a lot )

We’re just doing our job,
our clients call it magic


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